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1. Why a 1:1 take home Program?

Redwood City School District believes that the integration of technology into the learning process is essential to preparing students for their futures. 1:1 technology provides anytime/anywhere learning and opens the doors to collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills that students need to compete and contribute in our local and the global society.

By preparing our students to communicate and collaborate in an ethical and safe manner we are preparing them for their futures. The Common Core Standards require students in all grades to use technology to research, collaborate, and create original works. Additionally, the end-of-the-year California State Assessments begin in third grade and are administered entirely on a computer. Using technology throughout the year in an authentic manner will better prepare our students for this new generation of assessments.

2. What happens if my child does not have his/her Chromebook in school on any day?

The Chromebook is just like any other school supply. They are expected to have it in class everyday.

If for some reason they do not have theirs on any particular day it will be up to the teacher to

decide how they will handle that.

3. What happens if my child breaks or loses their Chromebook accidentally?

We are self- insuring and will cover the device against accidental damage, theft, fire, flood, natural disasters, power surges, and/or vandalism not done by the student. We will provide full replacement cost coverage, and the Chromebook is protected for the any of the causes listed above on and off school grounds.

Even though we are self-insuring, you are responsible for the well being of the Chromebook. If the Chromebook damaged is accidental or stolen and we repair/replace the Chromebook your child will still have all privileges. If the district has to cover the cost of repair/replacement a second time, then the child will no longer be allowed to use the Chromebook after school hours. The device will remain secured on school premises.


4. What happens if my child is negligent and loses or breaks the Chromebook due to vandalism or neglect?

Even though we hope this never happens, the consequences for each offense will be determined by the Administrator. See question 2 for additional details.

5. Will students be able to charge their Chromebooks at school?

We do not have the capabilities to charge 300+ Chromebooks everyday. The students should charge their Chromebooks at home and that charge should last throughout the day. 

6. Can my child use his/her own Chromebook, iPad or Laptop?

Our initial 1:1 program requires that all students carry with them and use the District-standard Chromebook at school for a number of reasons, including the following:

By providing a consistent device for every student, we can ensure that all students have the same applications and capabilities to complete their schoolwork, as well as to learn how to use the technology both in class and from their peers.

Consistent technology enables teachers to plan and teach to a uniform learning environment and allows district staff to provide effective on-campus support should a problem arise - something that we would be unable to provide in a free-for-all technology environment.

The new state online assessments require specific "secure" software that we are unable to install on personal computers. We can "push" out software and updates to District Chromebooks as needed, which we will be unable to do for personal computers.

7. Will there be filters when using their Chromebook online?

Yes. RCSD is currently using a cloud based solution from which will filter students’ web browsing, when the Chromebook is using the schools’ wifi. However, because nothing in the technology field is ever 100% guaranteed, we recommended parents take an involved role in their child’s use of the device and the Internet.

8. What if I don’t want my son or daughter to have a Chromebook?

We believe access to appropriate educational technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of the learning environment. However, if you feel that this is not the right solution for your student, we ask that parents/guardians inform their school administrator as soon as possible so that alternative accommodations can be discussed.

9. Can the Chromebook be used without an Internet connection?

Not yet. 

10. How is a Chromebook different from a Laptop?

A Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS as its operating system. Chromebooks are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet and integrate with Google Apps for Education, the collaborative learning environment used by Redwood City School District teachers and students.

Chromebooks give students, teachers, and administrators a simple solution for fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing. Chromebooks provide access to the web's education and collaboration resources, as well as offer centralized management and low total cost of ownership. Chromebooks offer durable and affordable access to learning resources for all students.

The district is currently issuing the Dell 11 Touchscreen Chromebook to students.

11. Do the students get to keep their Chromebook next year?

We will make every effort to give students back the same Chromebook each year. But students will not be guaranteed the same Chromebook.

12. Is there a protective case on the Chromebook? Will the students be able to use their own case on the Chromebooks, or decorate and personalize their Chromebooks?

Yes, all of the Chromebooks will have a protective case. These cases are made to keep the Chromebooks safe and the case clean. Even though they have a protective case the student will still have to be careful and responsible. The case will help prevent mishaps but are not perfect and student responsibility still will play a main role in the safety of the Chromebook. The students will be allowed to personalize their chromebook cases. 

13. What else comes with the Chromebook?

You will receive a power cord and case (see question 11 for more details about the case).

14. Will the students be able to print from the Chromebook?

Not yet.

15. Can others in our family or household use the Chromebook?

The Chromebook is intended for students to complete homework. However, parents may use the Chromebook to check students grades and to communication with the school. 

16. Is the school providing headphones for students?

We have headphones for student use. However, recommend that students buy headphones that are comfortable for them.

17. Will we (or the students) be able to put apps and music on the Chromebook?

Students do not have access with their RCSD account to add apps and music. They may listen to music on a website that is not blocked by the district.

18. Is there a remote find function on the Chromebook if it is lost or stolen?

Not yet.

19. What if we can’t make it for the rollout day?

Contact the school office and make an appointment with the school’s Technology Coach.

20. Will students use the chromebook for everything?

No. The chromebook will not replace the teacher or traditional hands-on activities that also make learning fun and relevant. Teachers will carefully plan lessons that make appropriate use of technology and will continue to provide exceptional teaching and learning opportunities for students. Just as your student doesn't use a pencil for every learning activity at Union School District, neither will they use the chromebook for every learning activity.

21. Does this mean that students will not have textbooks?

No, students will continue to have textbooks; however, they can expect fewer textbooks in upcoming years as Redwood City School District expands its implementation of 1:1. Some students may be enrolled in courses that continue to utilize textbooks to support classroom instruction. It is important to note that the curriculum is not dictated by the textbook. The textbook is one of many resources used to deliver the curriculum.

22. For any Chromebook issues, whom do we contact at school?

For any Chromebook issues, Students can submit a Tech Help Ticket using this form. Students can also contact Technology Integration and Support teacher in Room#116, before school, brunch, lunch and after school.