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6th 7th 8th Grade SLC - Gertz, Mary Jane

MaryJane Gertz

About Me:

I am a mom of 5 and grandmother of 7. My family has lived in the Redwood City area for 5 generations. My grandfather had a chicken farm on the boundary of Menlo Park for many years. My father was a doctor for over 55 years at Sequoia Hospital and my mother was a founding employee of Hewlett-Packard. I have taught at Woodside and M-A High Schools, as well as middle schools in the area for several years. I have been at MIT for 4 years and I call McKinley my happy spot! I love working with students and helping them reach their fullest potential. I have my master’s degree and teaching credential in learning differences and disabilities, with emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Bi-Polar mood episodes . All students can be empowered learners when they build confidence and develop life-long learning skills.

When I am not at school, I am in my orchard or garden, but I also love to go hiking, camping, fishing, baking, sewing, or white water rafting. I like to read books on the Holocaust, attend the opera, and go to rock concerts. I am a heavy metal fan. I like to travel, explore, and someday I want to go on a BigFoot Expedition in the Pacific Northwest and make a documentary about it.



E-mail address:

Extension number: 4680