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Our School

Boy on His Chromebook at MIT
Two Girls Working on their Projects at MIT

Welcome to Our School

McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) students have the college campus experience as they each receive their own device to take home and work remotely.

The school's Technology Literacy program offers a small traditional middle school experience with opportunities for students to gain hands-on technology instruction. This smaller size facilitates a supportive learning community for students, whose teachers can take the time to get to know each of their students as individuals and work closely with their parents in order to best facilitate their child’s success in school.

In addition to the core subject areas such as accelerated mathematics, students choose from an array of engaging electives such as comics creation, gaming, music, robotics, school broadcast news, virtual reality, 3D design, and much more. Our school also organizes instructional-focused field trips as well as trips to Grand Canyon and Yosemite, and field trips to local colleges and universities as students explore their higher education options. Mathematics and reading enrichment is also provided to students.

Our school is housed in a beautiful building of 1927 vintage with Old World craftsmanship and classic architecture yet it is renovated and remodeled for the 21st Century learning. Every classroom has been remodeled to include Internet access, and computer hookups. We have a beautiful auditorium with antique wooden seats coupled with State of the Art computerized lighting and audio systems. This community asset is also wired to our TV studio with broadcast capabilities throughout our closed circuit system.