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Computer Programming

In this introductory course, students learn the foundational concepts and skills of Computer Science (CS). They transition from being the consumers of technology to the creators of technology, and they explore how to use the power of computers to solve big, real-world problems.

The course is designed to be fun, engaging, relevant, collaborative, and creative. Mapped to Computer Science Standards (CTSA), the course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as problem solving, programming, physical computing, user centered design, and data, while inspiring students as they build their own interactive coding projects, games and animations.

A core component of the course is programming using Scratch. Students build their understanding through creative projects in the Scratch programming language, where they will make animations, music, games, stories, and art.

MIT does not assign elective courses to students. Instead, as the term “elective” suggests, students elect their own choice. The idea is to give students a voice in their academic career helping them develop and shape their leadership skills.