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Our Electives

Elective courses support student engagement in the classrooms of McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) and foster development of Empowered Learners, Knowledge Constructors, Effective Collaborators, and Creative Communicators. The MIT Bulldogs have the opportunity and agency to explore high-interest topics of their choice in addition to core standard courses.

These courses can offer next-step learning opportunities for students interested in particular fields of study, technical experience at a higher level, and an introduction to college and career preparedness.

An array of different electives are offered every school year helping students find their passion and possibly a career field. Out of the options, MIT students have the opportunity to take one elective course per trimester, which means that they will explore three different classes each year. Some of the elective courses are year-long. 

MIT does not assign elective courses to students. Instead, as the term “elective” suggests, students elect their own choice. The idea is to give students a voice in their academic career helping them develop and shape their leadership skills.