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Technology Literacy

MIT students are future leaders and difference makers. Technology is integrated into core curriculum and pathways, bridging the digital divide and giving all students the opportunity for a rigorous and exciting education. 

One-to-one devices are updated with the latest software and programs for students to apply honed technology skills to their full potential across all areas of study. Creating videos, webpage design, and coding are just a few of the ways students can demonstrate knowledge of content. Students gain further hands-on experience and enrichment through use of tools such as 3d printers, cameras, and audio equipment.

The MIT Bulldogs also have the opportunity to dive into high-interest tech topics of their choice. Elective areas include Stop Motion Animation, STEAM, Computer Science, and more.

Students are engaged each day in the process of learning by doing which creates Empowered Learners, Knowledge Constructors, Effective Collaborators, and Creative Communicators.