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Our Programs and Services

Technology Literacy

At MIT, we use technology as a tool to teach the core curriculum and to expose students to the technologies that are used in high school, college, and ultimately the business world. 

Each of our students receives their own device upon enrolling in our school. They are able to connect from home to work on their school assignments. All of the classrooms have been remodeled with updated electrical, Internet, and intra-net access. We have video cameras, digital cameras, scanners, projection hardware, and audio equipment for our students to use while on working on their devices. Some of the software available for our includes; Google Apps, Appleworks, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Claris Home Page, Dreamweaver, Inspiration, iMovie, and Adobe PhotoShop. 

In addition to the technology integration in the subject areas, we also offer our students an array of electives in where they may learn these skills in more depth. Some of our electives are keyboarding, Office XP, yearbook production, video production, 6th grade Tech Project, and renaissance technology and science. 

At their completion of their three-year academic careers at MIT, we expect our students to showcase their knowledge of the core curriculum by creating spreadsheets, word processing documents, Power Point Presentations, webpage designs, and video broadcasts and to be able to navigate the Internet as they research discriminating between fact and fiction while observing intellectual property rights. Our ultimate goal at MIT is to bridge the digital divide giving all students equal opportunity for a rigorous and exciting education. 

Technology is just a tool, but an important tool, to give our students a quality education as well as the advantages of living in the 21st Century.