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Student Working on His Computer Science Project at MIT
Girl Working on Her Project at MIT
Group of Students Working on a Robotics Project
Students Working in a Group at MIT
Technology to Disinfect a Frog at MIT

Our District's Mission

RCSD creates a safe and supportive, inspirational and rigorous, joyful and inclusive environment for all learners

Meet MIT

Our school's Technology Literacy program offers a small traditional middle school experience with opportunities for students to gain hands-on technology instruction. In addition to the core subject areas such as accelerated mathematics, students choose from an array of engaging electives such as comics creation, gaming, music, robotics, school broadcast news, virtual reality, 3D design, and much more. 

Innovative Practices to Increase Student Achievement Earns McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) Top Honor from San Mateo County Office of Education

The award-winning program, the Family Literacy Initiative, is a one-to-one literacy initiative designed to address the technology access gap, often referred to as a digital divide, by providing students with access to various technology-based learning experiences both in the classroom and at home. MIT was honored with the County Office of Education’s inaugural award while also receiving the J. Russell Kent Award from the San Mateo School Boards Association.

Apply to Attend MIT

Because MIT does not have attendance boundaries, families need to apply for admission. 

Creativity, Innovation, and Equity: How Tech. Builds Bridges in RCSD Classrooms

It may be true that a world of information and answers are just a few clicks or a swipe of a finger away in most modern classrooms—but how to use technology to its full potential as a learning tool takes creativity and innovation from both teachers and students. That inventive spirit is just one the reasons Redwood City School District (RCSD) has been named one of just 14 Google for Education Reference Districts in the state.

Our Computer Science Pathway

As the name of our school suggests, McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) offers students a pathway to dive deeper into the field of technology training the future leaders of Silicon Valley. At MIT, students are not only consumers of technology, but rather become makers and constructors of technology as they explore this field through our computer science pathway.

Grand Canyon Ecology Trek Transforms Students as they Learn Lessons in Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics while Testing Physical Limits and Overcoming Fears

How do you get middle school students engaged in their study of science, social studies, mathematics, and writing? For 7th grade students at Kennedy Middle School and McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) in Redwood City School District (RCSD), the Grand Canyon becomes their classroom for 10 days each spring. Students go off the grid while they explore the evolution of life on earth through geological layers, log their observations in their daily journals, and create group skits to demonstrate what they have learned.

Our Stories and Initiatives

Our District By the Numbers


different languages are spoken at home by our students and their families in our district including Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Samoan, Spanish, and Vietnamese


healthy and nutritious breakfasts and lunches served every school day in our district


square feet of space are maintained by RCSD custodians and groundskeepers throughout our district